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Data Storage

Secure your data with the power of Blockchain technology

Benefit your project with decentralization and earn rewards at the same time

Decentralized storage with Inery

Improve the security, speed and management of your data.

Inery is specially designed to address database decentralization. By combining blockchain technology and distributed database properties, Inery enables data owners and users to efficiently store valuable and private information. In the long term, the blockchain will replace classic hardware.



With database decentralization, no single entity has control over your private information. Third parties are excluded and the information is owned by everyone in the network, but can only be accessed by private keys controlled by you.



All data is compressed into text files. Compression of the data significantly reduces the amount of storage that files can take up, as well as speeds up file transfer and lowers storage costs.



In addition to decentralization, cryptography adds additional layers of protection to the system, making all information on the Blockchain encrypted and more secure.

Why choose decentralized storage ?

Traditional means of data storage are fraught with many risks and elements of failure, with a lot of business owners looking for a better alternative. Decentralized data storage is that alternative. Inery is perfect for any business that is looking for the best privacy and security solution for their data.



Every block in the blockchain is ciphered with a cryptographic hash function, meaning that once data has been added to the Blockchain, it cannot be modified or tampered with. Since there is no central server, the data is not susceptible to censorship either.



In addition to decentralization, cryptography adds additional layers of protection to the system, making all information on the Blockchain encrypted and more secure.



The peer-to-peer database represents nodes across the globe, where users, locally and/or remotely, store, compute and transmit data.



Nodes serve as ledger verifiers and every block has a consensus to help the network make decisions. If the majority decides a transaction is valid, it will be added to the ledger. Corrupting the system is not possible.


Shared Ledger

All individual nodes are maintaining the ledger, by distributing the database between all computers to ensure better performance and security.



Everything within the Blockchain is fully transparent and can be seen by everyone. Identities are encrypted with complex cryptography while showing only a public address.

The power of Value Contracts

A Value contract is a computer protocol digitally designed to ease, verify or implement the negotiation of a contract. It helps you to exchange anything valuable faster and in a more secure, transparent way while avoiding the presence of third parties.


Cryptography keeps all your transactions safe by encrypting them before they get added to the chain. Making it therefore impossible to hack or misuse any of your data.


Value contracts use state-of-the-art algorithms to drastically cut down processing time. There is no need to manually process documents anymore.


You alone oversee your agreement. There are no intermediaries involved, who could potentially manipulate the outcome of the agreement.


The encrypted documents are shared on a ledger open to everyone and accessible at any time. Therefore it cannot be misplaced or lost.

What is Blockchain Storage Unit (BSU)

BSU can be considered as a storage token that allows the owner to perform transactions on the blockchain. The resource allocation is within the token itself. Resources are managed by one call of a function, making it easier for users to understand and use its benefit

The amount of BSU is fixed in quantity on a blockchain. If someone wants to create blocks and validate transactions on a blockchain, you can become a Node and earn BSU. This BSU can be stored in a wallet or used to buy more resources. In order to become a node you need an account and a server. For more information on how to set up your server, please visit Infrastructure.

BSU can be transferred between accounts on a blockchain, or can be earned by producing blocks or validating transactions.

Another way to get BSU is buying BSUC on an exchange in order to trade BSUC for BSU memory on Uniswap.

BSU as a fee BSU is all in one resource on a Inery blockchain. It is used to push any action on a blockchain. By activating the transaction througth action, resources are used and also one part of a BSU is used.

The price for BSU depends on the supply and demand of Data Storage needed on Inery Blockchain as well as the exchange price. The more projects are added to Inery the more BSU memory will be needed in order to support the network.




Nodes form the entire infrastructure of the Inery Blockchain, allowing it to function and survive. They preserve, store and spread data while being connected to each other at all times.

Blockchain Explorer

The Inery explorer is basically the browser for the entire Inery blockchain. It displays most of the data associated with transactions, wallets and the validation as well as creation of new blocks on the blockchain. Using a graphical user interface, users can explore the Inery blockchain by searching and viewing a live feed of data with ease.

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